The latest additions to, and the most popular titles in, our e-book collection

If you want to quickly and easily see new titles that have been added to our e-book collection, or which e-books are currently the most popular with BMA members, we have the following two curated collections to help you achieve this.

New E-Books

The New E-Books curated collection brings together all of the titles that we have added to our collection in the previous month. You can also find three sub-collections, one for each of the preceding months, allowing you to rapidly browse and access all of the e-books we have added in the last four months:

Top Ten E-Books

We also have a Top Ten E-Books curated collection which, as the name suggests, displays the current ten most accessed titles in our e-book collection.

Both collections include direct access links to each title, allowing you to quickly access the e-books. These curated collections are updated every month.

If you have any comments or queries about either of these curated collections please email:

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