The Wellcome Trust has made available on their website an useful explanation on how vaccines are researched and developed.

Read ‘The vaccine journey: from idea to immunisation’ available on…

Read BMJ article by Fiona Godlee:

“Let’s start with some good news. The pandemic is waning in many parts of the world, and health systems are showing how they can innovate and adapt…
…But good news is in short supply. The world is facing a scale of challenge not seen since the second world war.”

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‘The need for privacy with public digital contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic’ article from The Lancet discussing how contact tracing applications represent a powerful yet controversial approach to fighting COVID-19.

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Read the lates BMJ article titled ‘Covid-19: Questions of conscience and duty for scientific advisers

and how the easing out of the lockdown measures is bringing even more confusion
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On #wellbeingwednesday why don’t you check out the wellbeing apps available free to all NHS staff?

You can browse for the app that best suits your needs on

and remember there is always someone you can talk to

5 steps to mental wellbeing by the NHS for MentalHealthAwarenessWeek:

👯Connect with other people

💕Good relationships

🤸‍♂️Be physically active

🎨Learn new skills

🙌Give to others

and remember there is always someone you can talk to

Read May’s issue The Dr Magazine with Tim Tonkin reporting on the story of Dr Fayez Ayache paying the ultimate price.

His death underscores the BMA’s efforts to protect doctors and other healthcare workers and ensure lessons are learned.

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