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Over the summer we have added 28 new study spaces to our Reading Room.

Two new oval tablesFor starters, there are two new oval tables just behind the Enquiry Desk. Each one has eight study spaces: four with PCs, and four without for those who prefer to use their own laptop/tablet.

First new set of carrel study desksNext up is a set of six carrel study desks, three with PCs and three without. This set of desks also marks the start of our silent study area for users who want to study in silence, away from the noise of the printers.

Second new set of carrel study desksLast, but by no means least, we have a further set of six carrel study desks, this time with a PC on each one. These desks are also located in our silent study area.

This increases the number of study spaces in our Reading Room to a new grand total of 64!

We hope that these additional study spaces will help us to successfully meet the increasing demand that we are experiencing at various times throughout the year.

Please do send us any feedback that you have about the new study desks by using the Comments box below or by sending an email to bma-library@bma.org.uk.

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