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In March we introduced a ban on all Food and Drink in the Reading Room.

Your choice of mouseWe have now relaxed the ban on drinks. You can now bring in drinks to the Reading Room, but only ones with lids.

The ban on all types of food is still fully in effect as we continue to have an issue with mice. Pest Control have advised us, once again, that it is only when all sources of food have been removed that the mice issue will be successfully resolved.

We greatly appreciate the co-operation of everyone who makes use of the Reading Room in complying with this ban, and not attempting to sneak in any food, no matter how small, which will prolong the current pest problem.

Thank you.

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No Food or Drink signWe have now introduced a ban on all food and drink in the Library.

This ban has been introduced due to the fact that library users have not been disposing of food leftovers appropriately as well as not returning drinking glasses or crockery to the Hastings Room as requested.

We have previously been lenient with regard to the consumption of drinks and snacks in the library, but a number of users have recently started bringing in cooked and smelly foods – resulting in complaints.

All of the above has left us with no choice but to introduce a complete ban on food and drink because we now have a problem with mice!


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