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We will be running a number of one day training courses, for both BMA members and non-members, throughout 2013. Below is a list of the courses, the dates on which each will be run and a brief description. To view the complete description of a particular course, including how to book a place, please click on the date that you would like to attend.

Basic Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop
Thursday, 14 March     Thursday, 25 April     Thursday, 16 May
Thursday, 20 June
     Friday, 12 July     Thursday, 17 October

This one day workshop gives an intensive overview of the skills needed and resources available for critical appraisal, and will provide ideas on how these can be used on return to the workplace.


Extended Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop
Friday, 17 May    
Thursday, 5 September     Friday, 18 October
Friday, 13 December

This one day workshop is highly interactive and practical with advanced tips and advice. The workshop leaders are all experienced in critical appraisal and will share materials and examples to illustrate important teaching points.


Refresher Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop
Friday, 15 March     Friday, 21 June     Friday, 6 September
Thursday, 28 November

This one-day workshop gives a practical refresher and an opportunity to develop existing critical appraisal skills in a practical way within a supportive environment.


Facilitating a Critical Appraisal Skills Workshop
Friday, 26 April     Friday, 29 November

This one day workshop is highly interactive and aimed at those who need to facilitate workshops or journal clubs in a clinical setting. The workshop leader is an experienced facilitator who will share materials and examples to illustrate important teaching points.


Medical Statistics Course
Monday, 22 April     Wednesday, 5 June     Monday, 23 September
Friday, 22 November

This course aims at introducing doctors or clinical professionals and researchers to standard statistical notions and methods commonly applied in medical research.
UPDATE April 2013: All of the advertised dates for this course have been cancelled.


Research Methods Workshop
Monday, 15 July     Monday, 16 December

This one day workshop provides a detailed overview of the main quantitative research methods: what they are, when and how each method is applied, and how the resulting data are analysed and interpreted.


If you have any queries about our courses please email: eabraham@bma.org.uk or Tel: 020 7383 6136.

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This course is aimed at clinicians who need to evaluate healthcare information, health librarians producing systematic reviews or health technology assessments and healthcare professionals producing current awareness bulletins or teaching critical appraisal skills.

You MUST have attended our Basic and Extended Critical Appraisal Skills courses.

The following areas will be covered:

  • – revision of the topics covered in the Basic and Extended CAS courses
  • – appraising a primary research article
  • – introduction to the virtual appraisal group

This course takes place at BMA House in Tavistock Square. You can read more information about the course content and the booking process on the BMA Library’s website.

Book now, there are still places available.

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