Our E-first strategy

The BMA library has moved towards an e-first strategy to take advantage of all the benefits provided by e-books and e-journals. With the recent move of the library to a new purpose-built space we have had the opportunity to undertake a review of the collections.  We have purchased e-book equivalents of our most heavily used titles where available. All future purchases will be of e-books in preference to print wherever possible.

Using e-books provides you and the library with several advantages over traditional, printed material:

  • 24/7 access to resources and equity of access to members regardless of location
  • Access for multiple users at the same time (on most e-books) ensures value for money
  • E-books are greener than their print equivalents, so we reduce the carbon footprint of library services in line with BMA Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) commitments
  • We can provide content to you more quickly, as e-books are supplied much more quickly than their print equivalents
  • You can print and download sections of the book, in compliance with copyright guidelines
  • Added functionality such as highlighting and making notes within the text that you can download or print etc.

You can browse our e-book and e-journal subscriptions, plus open access content, using our library online catalogue.

Library-owned items that are unavailable electronically will be posted to members at no cost. BMA members will be responsible for the cost of return postage for items borrowed from the library.

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