Meet the evidence support team

Our recently expanded team of Information specialists are available to help you with all your evidence and research needs, offering a range of support including tailored literature searches, assisted search sessions, structured search training sessions and setting up of current awareness alerts.

Literature searches

We offer three levels of literature searches:

  • Quick – receive 5-10 of the most up-to-date citations for one question you ask us within five working days approx.
  • Comprehensive – suitable for scoping research on any health-related topics including clinical queries, medical education, ethics, the health workforce and developments in services. Receive your sifted results within 10 working days approx.
  • Systematic Review Support – A high-level, in-depth search where we we’ll collate and provide un-sifted results for all available information on your given topic within 15 working days approx.

Find our literature search request forms on the evidence support page on the BMA website.

Assisted search session

This session offers you an opportunity to discuss your research question with an Information specialist who can offer you advice on developing and refining your search strategy.

Book a Microsoft Teams appointment with one of our Information specialists here.

Search training session

The Evidence Support team offer a structured training session for those who wish to learn techniques to carry out their own searches using Medline and Embase. You will learn how to:

  • search Medline using medical subject headings and keywords
  • structure your search using a simple step-by-step technique
  • tailor your search, whether you need to be targeted or comprehensive in scope
  • handle your results.

Book a Microsoft Teams appointment with one of our Information specialists here.

Evidence auto-alerts

We can set up a tailored alert based on your research topic to provide you with the latest evidence at the frequency you choose direct to your inbox.

Sign up by sending us your topic and search terms to

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