Our E-Books Collection – bigger and better than ever!

We now have over 2,500 titles in our E-Books Collection, and all of them are accessible to all BMA members. Browse the full list of titles available via our online catalogue.

download-1666700_1920We have also overhauled our listings page on the BMA website of our E-Books by Medical Specialty. This page now contains direct search links to our online catalogue. Clicking on these links will always deliver the latest list of our e-book titles on the given subject/topic because we are continually adding records for newly purchased e-books to our online catalogue.

Don’t forget that we also still have our listings pages of e-book titles that are of particular relevance to Medical Students, Junior Doctors, and General Practitioners.

In additon to this, we also have listings pages for the large e-book collections that we have secured access to from the following publishers: Karger, Springer and Wiley.

After clicking on any of these links please Sign in with your BMA website username and password in order to unlock access to all of the e-books listed.

If you have any queries or feedback about our E-Books Collection please get in touch with us at e-books@bma.org.uk

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