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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Seven Signs of Life by Aoife Abbey. Our collections’ specialist and cataloguer has chosen Seven Signs of Life as the book of the month. Read the stories about the thin line between life and death from an intensive care doctor’s point of view. It’s a must read! Borrow it with your BMA member details on  

Have a look at some of the new titles in the collection. If you would like to borrow them, log on the library’s catalogue with your BMA username and password 

Doctors and medical students are concerned about the scale of mental health problems in the UK, and that demand for mental health care is increasing faster than resources to look after people with mental health needs. Download the briefing on

Sick-Note Britain: How Social Problems Became Medical Issues by Adrian Massey explains how what he describes as an hyper-medicalised nation has mistakenly equated illness with unfitness to work, confusing a social problem with a medical one and leaving the NHS to its limits.  Just use your BMA username and password to request it via our catalogue