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Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Doctor – a new chapter for BMA news. The 52 year-old magazine is relaunching this weekend, aiming to offer more context and analysis of major developments and focus on relating readers’ experiences and stories. Here is the first issue  The last issue of BMA News was delivered on 1 September – it relaunches this weekend as The Doctor. It aims to offer more context and analysis of major developments and focus on relating… Read More

The 13th September is World Sepsis Day. Help us raise awareness of quick killer. Sepsis (also known as blood poisoning) is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury. Normally our immune system fights infection – but sometimes, for reasons we don’t yet understand, it attacks our body’s own organs and tissues. If not treated immediately, sepsis can result in organ failure and death. Yet with early diagnosis, it can be treated… Read More

Oxford Textbook of Sleep Disorders edited by Sudhansu Chokroverty and Luigi Ferini-Strambi Published by Oxford University Press, July 2017 (ISBN: 9780199682003 £125.00) “…In short, this is a complete manual to set up a sleep clinic.”  Dr Tim Yates MA MRCP PhD – Reviewer This textbook covers the rapid advances in scientific, technical, clinical, and therapeutic aspects of sleep medicine which have captivated sleep scientists and clinicians. It aims to introduce sleep disorders within… Read More