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Monthly Archives: March 2018

We finally got hold of 7 copies of the highly acclaimed book ‘This is going to hurt – the secret diaries of a junior doctor’ by Adam Kay and copies have gone fast. Get yourself on the waiting list and grab the opportunity to read the funny, yet dark reality of the life a junior doctor working in an NHS hospital from 2010- 2015. Reviews are excellent and it’s has won many… Read More

The number one bestselling author Ruby Wax has done it again. After writing A mindfulness guide to the Frazzled which has been a very heavily borrowed book from our non-clinical collection,  she has published this year a new book with the help of a neuroscientist and a monk: How to be human – the manual. If you are a BMA member, get in contact or check our online catalogue to request to… Read More

The United Nations declared in December 2011 that the 21st March of each year would be World Down Syndrome day in a bid to raise awareness and support further research. You can learn more about it on the website of the Down Syndrome Research Foundation in the UK. NHS choices also offers very detailed information and support to families, friends, teachers  and living with the syndrome. For plenty of useful information and… Read More

Magnificient Minds – 16 pioneering women in science & medicine The library recommends this book by Pendred E. Noyce to mark the 107th International Women’s Day last 8th of March. We chose a book that showcases the work of pioneering women around the world and how they work has influenced important developments in science and medicine. If you are a BMA member, sign in with your BMA details to borrow it from our catalogue…. Read More

Then, what are you waiting for? Contact your information professional hero to save you from any stress or anxiety. Let us help you in your work, project or studies with: ‘super mind control’ for research support ‘super teleportation’ to obtain documents & articles ‘super invincibility’ in offering Medline access ‘super speed’ to send book and DVD postal loans ‘super intelligence’ to give expert advice ‘super shapeshifting’ to offer personalised help Contact us on… Read More

The BMA Library is pleased to announce that it now provides access to Doody’s Core Titles E-Books Collection for BMA members. The list of the titles in the collection can viewed, and accessed directly, by going to the following page on the BMA website: All of the titles are also discoverable and accessible via our online catalogue: All of the e-books in the Doody’s Core Titles collection are DRM-free, so… Read More