This month is to men!

This month the library features information on men’s health, promoting awareness and the importance of seeing regular medical advice to early detect and treat disease. You can show your support and wear blue for all the men in your life on Wear Blue Day Friday 16th June.

In the UK the charity, Men’s Health Forum along with the Department of Health, the NHS and Public Health England are working hard to promote a better understanding of the various health issues faced by men. Especially during the week of the 12-18 June the motto Move More, Eat Well, Watch the Booze is part of the campaign “You got a Hazardous Waist?”. Keep up to date and download a useful toolkit on #MHW17.


The scale of the challenge:

Did you know that men are more likely to die from heart disease at early ages and have a significant higher risk of dying form liver disease and diabetes?

Did you know that they are also more likely than women to smoke (and smoke to level hazardous for health), eat too much salt and red meat but eat too little fruit and veg and drink to dangerous levels?

Here are some important stats:

  • One man in five dies before the age of 65
  • 75% of premature deaths from heart disease are male
  • 67% of men are overweight or obese
  • Middle-aged men are twice as likely to have diabetes as women
  • Four out of five suicides are male

This is the harsh reality. A wake up call for men to make a commitment to their health. You can find out more and support the cause on #menshealthweek and read the Men’s Health Manifesto to know all that can be done to reduce premature death in men.

Already looking to make a change? Then visit  the library’s online catalogue to browse all the books and reports we have on men’s health and very useful patient information to a healthier lifestyle. Check it out on

Wear blue to support all the men in your life!

“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools” (Proverb)


(Source: Men’s Health Forum)


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