Our Great New Printing Facilities

Today, 1st October, marks the start of the new BMA Membership Subscription Year. It also marks the reset of the balance of the very generous annual printing allowance that is available to all BMA members who visit our Reading Room. Each member is provided with £75 worth of free printing for each subscription year. This equates to 1,500 pages of black and white printing!

Over the summer we have added two great new features to our printing facilities:

New Colour PrinterNew Colour Printer, including A3 printing
We have added a colour printer to our Reading Room so that members can now print in colour directly. The charge for colour printing is 18 pence per A4 page. This is deducted straight from your free printing allowance.

This new printer also has an A3 paper tray. The cost for printing an A3 colour page is 36 pence. Again, this amount is deducted straight from your free printing allowance.


Print via Email, directly from your own device
Print via Email
We have also now added the ability to print directly from your own laptops, tablets and smart phones by emailing the documents that you want printed straight to your print queue. For full details of how this great new service works please see the staff at the Enquiry Desk.


Please use the Comments box below to give us any feedback you have about our printing facilities or, if you prefer, you can send us an email: bma-library@bma.org.uk.

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