Embase has arrived!

We have added Embase to our search services.  Available in the reading room, it has the easy to use OvidSP interface so you can search confidently to support your course work, research or when writing for publication.

It is an extensive resource and with over 25 million references on biomedicine and pharmacology it is still growing!  All Medline records are included along with 5 million extra records which are not covered by Medline.Access Embase

Pick up a free manual in the reading room for the basics on searching and don’t miss out on the extra support available through free one-to-one tutorials which can be booked with Helen Elwell, the library’s search expert. Email Helen at info.medline@bma.org.uk

….. and don’t forget that the library offers:

  • Access to Medline anytime, anywhere, through the BMA website.
  • Expert searches carried out by our search specialists on topics of your choice covering Medline, Embase, PsycINFO and HMIC.
  • Personalised one-to-one tutorials on searching techniques
  • Weekly current awareness alerts to support clinical practice and keep your knowledge up to date.

For further details on any of the above email info.medline@bma.org.uk

We also offer full day courses on how to critically appraise your search results either for clinical practice, writing guidelines or producing systematic reviews.

For course details and bookings, email Euphemia Abraham at eabraham@bma.org.uk .

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