Three New E-Books from the Clinical Cases Uncovered Series

Gastroenterology : Clinical Cases UncoveredWe are pleased to announce that this week we have added three new titles from Wiley-Blackwell’s Clinical Cases Uncovered series to our E-Books Collection:

Hepatology : Clinical Cases UncoveredAll three of these titles are hosted on the Dawsonera website. To successfully access them you will need a Dawsonera username and password. If you do not yet have a Dawsonera login please send us an email (, quoting your BMA Membership Number, to request one.

Neurology : Clinical Cases UncoveredAll of the other titles in the Clinical Cases Uncovered series are already part of our E-Books Collection. To access them please visit either our list of E-Books for Medical Students or our list of E-Books for Junior Doctors. Each of these lists contain more than 80 other essential e-books for medical students and junior doctors respectively.

If you have any queries about our E-Books Collection please send an email to, quoting your BMA Membership Number.

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