Our Postal Loans Service Explained

Although we are based in central London, we aim to provide for the information needs of all BMA members throughout the whole of the UK. In order to achieve this aim we operate a postal loans service where any member can request a book from our collection and we will cover the cost of posting it out to them wherever they are located.

How to request books from us
Books can be requested from us by any of the following methods:

  • Via our online catalogue – www.bma.org.uk/catalogue (click on the ‘Sign-in’ button and log in with your BMA website username and password before searching for the items you want and clicking on the ‘Request’ buttons beside each of them)
  • By telephone – 020 7383 6625
  • By email – bma-library@bma.org.uk

The address that books will be sent to
Unless you specify otherwise, we post out the books that you request to the default contact address that the BMA has for you. (This will be the address where your copy of the BMJ/Student BMJ is sent to.) If you would like your books sent to a different address please provide this when you make your request. We are able to register an ongoing alternative delivery address for your loan requests (e.g. a term-time address for student members or a work address for qualified members). Please include a ‘use until date’ when you provide us with an alternative address so that we will know exactly how long to keep using it for.

How books get sent to you
If the books that you request from us weigh less than 1.5Kg we will send them to you by Royal Mail 1st Class Post. If the items are over this weight we will send them to you using the BMA’s courier service, provided by CYC. Please allow 3 working days for delivery of any items that are being sent to you by courier.

How to return books to us
Included with each book that we send out is a return address label. For student members of the BMA this is a reply paid label so the cost of posting items back to us is free. Qualified members of the BMA get a standard return address label and need to pay the return postage costs themselves. We recommend to all of our members that they obtain a ‘Proof of Postage’ certificate when sending any books back to us. These can be obtained, at no cost, from any Post Office.

If you have any queries about our postal loans service please get in touch with us by phone (020 7383 6625) or by email (bma-library@bma.org.uk).

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